Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring 2009

This morning I walked through the garden to see what Spring had brought me.....


A new Banana leaf

Teaspoon Hosta

And lots of flowers...

Todays project was a makeover from this...

To this... I had to pull out the old Passiflora and replace it with a new one. Since I had to do that I thought I would move the compost bin and pull the iron screen out where it could be seen.

I also planted some Nasturtium and Marigolds in bed 2.


  1. Liisa, everything is looking just beautiful! I envy what you do with all your pots, I have never been a very successful container gardener.


  2. Hi Granny, Thank you. Yeah it's hit and miss for me too. I guess I've just gotten lucky over the years :0)

  3. Oh jasmine! That smell will always remind me of my hometown... I wish they grew better up here, but alas I've managed to kill them every time! It's been a few years, maybe I should give it another go?

    BTW your reorganized area looks just lovely!