Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garden Update

I wasn't going to post until this weekend but when I got home from work the sun was out and I couldn't wait to go take a walk through the yard... so after taking the dog for a walk and getting dinner in the oven I went out and took a few photos....

Photo Below: The strawberries are looking very happy in their new home.

Click on photos for larger view.

Photo Below: I can't believe how fast the raspberries are growing. This is only my second year growing them. A friend from work gave me four canes last winter so I put them in a big container and they seem to be quite happy.

Photo Below: The snap peas have found their way to the trellis with a little help.

Photo Below: The red norland potatoes are doing very well. I really don't know what to expect since I have never grow potatoes. I like the way they look and the leaves are so stout.

Photo Below: Finally the bintje potatoes have started to sprout.

Photo Below: The nectarine is in full bloom now.

Photo Below: Baby butterhead lettuce is loving our cool rainy weather.

This weekends to do list is a long one.
Check back this weekend to see what's going into the beds.


  1. Hi, Liisa:
    Don't you just love it when you get plants from friends...or even from strangers. I got raspberries last year from somebody on Free Cycle, and I put mine in pots too. Hopefully this will be the year of the raspberries for both of us.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Yes I do... just as much as I love sharing plants with other when I have them. I did get some fruit last year... about 3 or 4 at a time. I would walk into the house and give one each to my hasband, son and his girlfriend. I hope for a little more fruit this year :-)
    Good Luck with yours!

  3. I just love to watch a garden it mine or someone else's!

    I wish I knew someone with raspberries, because it looks as though I'll have to pay for mine, as well as my strawberries. And two new blueberries. We don't have a Freecycle in our area, and Craig's List hasn't shown anything yet.

  4. Hi Grammy,
    Oh me too! Everyday there is something new going on at there.

    I wish I had a bigger crop of raspberries cause I would share with you :-)


  5. Granny, I ordered strawberries. Once they come in, I'll be glad to send you some.