Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Weekends to do List Part 1

Saturday morning 7:46 A.M. The sun is shining and I have a big to do list ahead of me. To start I want to get the side yard cleaned up so I can move all the potted plants off the patio. I need to move the green house yet again. Why you ask?... it's blocking the sun from getting to bed 1 where the tomatoes will be planted.

Click on photos for larger view.

Photo below: Side yard before photo.

Photo Below: Patio before photo.

Photo Below: The tomatoes are out growing the greenhouse!

Photo Below: Peppers are looking so good!

Since I had to move the greenhouse I put all the seedlings out to enjoy the sun.

While I was busy cleaning the side yard and clearing off the patio sweet husband was attaching the netting to the trellis frame.

Photo Below: Side yard after clean up.

Photo Below: The trellises are all done.

Greenhouse is moved and seedlings moved back in... except for the pumpkin, peppers, basil and cilantro. They will be planted in to bed 3 today.

Photo Below: Bed 3 planted. The empty squares will be planted in a few weeks with more basil, and a melon.

Photo Below: The peppers and pumpkin all tucked into their new home until it warms up a bit more.

Photo Below: Patio cleaned up. The greenhouse will come down April 14th once I'm done starting all my seeds for Spring and Summer planting.

Here are some random photos I took today...
Photo Below: The red norland potatoes seems to be very happy and getting bigger everyday.

Photo Below: Under the lemon tree between bed 1 and 2.

Photo Below: Here is a photo of the celery I have been overwintering. They're huge and I have to find a new home for them. This bed is where the watermelon, corn and cucumbers are going. I might have to move them into pots.

Photo Below: The garlic is coming up!

Tomorrow the tomatoes will be planted out in bed one.

Drop by tommorow to see what else is going on in my garden...


  1. I like those portable greenhouses. The weather's breaking here, a little bit, and I'll be able to do some things outside pretty soon. It will be a good three months before I can catch up with you.

    The peppers look great. How long ago did you start them.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I started the peppers on Dec 29th. My first sprout was on Jan 8th.

    I'm hoping the portable greenhouse will work out and I don't lose any peppers. This could prove to be way to early to plant out... even though the Framers Almanac says I can plant out for my area. The only other thing that could be a big problem is my beds are not getting full sun just yet. The rows the peppers are planted in don't get any sun until 11:45 as of now. That will change a bit every day until the sun is closer to it's highest point in the sky . I’ll just hope for the best and will take lots of notes for next season. :-)


  3. Wow - loving all the stuff you have in your bed already. I sure wish it would get a little warmer here - I'm "green" with envy! ;^)

    I don't know if I'd pot the celery - they're a bog plant and like lots of water. Seems to me that pots dry out quickly so I'd make sure you have it on a drip line if you do pot it. I'm sure you know all that already but I wanted to mention it just in case. =)

  4. Hi Jenn,
    Hope you are feeling better. No I didn't know that about the celery, thanks :-)
    I have some time to figure it out before the cucumbers and watermelon go into that bed.


  5. engineeredgardenMarch 8, 2009 at 7:31 PM

    Your transplants look great! Oh, the joy of starting out with a new bed. Everything looks so neat and tidy! Keep up the good work. :-)


  6. Thanks EG. I planted out the tomatoes today. I'll be blogging about todays to do list in just a bit.


  7. Last year I planted my peppers too early. They were slow growing and I was worried that they were stunted. I ended up buying a four-pack just for insurance. I can't remember when, but they did kick in and I still got lots of peppers. I'm sure yours will do fine.

  8. Thanks Cheryl. I think you're right and they will be just fine. They seemed very happy today in the sun. I put the cover back on earlier in the day while the sun was still shining on the bed to collect some heat inside the small greenhouse.