Saturday, March 14, 2009

Garden Tour

The only thing I had on my to do list today was to water and feed all the veggies and transplant the celery into pots. While I was watering I gave everything a real good look and found green aphids on the pumpkin bloom. Only a few so I took them off with my fingers and gave the flower a light spray of insecticidal soap. The rest of the plants looked to be in good shape.

Lets start the tour...

Bed 1 photos below

The cherry tomatoes are holding up quite well in their new home. They have grown a little since their move from the greenhouse.

This one has a few buds on it. I thought about removing them but I think I'll let them stay to see how they do.

One of the two bush tomatoes.

Bed 2 Photos below

The celery is getting so big! I need to move them to make room for the cucumbers and watermelons.

So I transplanted them into pots. I'll have to water them a little more.
(Thanks Jenn :>))

Bed 3 Photos below

I've never had much luck growing cilantro (in pots) over the years. But I think this year my luck has changed. I have four plants in bed 2 and they are all doing well.

The bell peppers are growing slowly and seem to be healthy.

I spotted some buds on a few of them.

Pumpkin bloom

Mini greenhouse for the peppers and pumpkin.

Bed 4 Photos below

The first planting of onions are coming up.

The garlic is growing really fast.

The spinach is sprouting.

Greenhouse Photos below

Winter squash and zucchini

The Corn and Cucumber are sprouting.

Basil seedlings

Pumpkin Peppers

I find it interesting that the leaves on the pumpkin peppers have thorns on them.

Bush Tomatoes. These were my backups just in case the bush tomatoes in bed 1 didn't make it. I think I will be planting these in my sisters yard.

Between beds 2 and 3

Sugar Snap Peas

Strawberry bed


Potato bed 2

Red Norland Potato

Random Photos over the last few days...

Pansy bloom

Nectarine Blooms



  1. Wow, Liisa...everything looks fantastic! Those aphids get on my okra, but don't really bother me. I just rub the leaves between my fingers, and squish them. All of your plants look very healthy, and should produce well if you can control the insects. The squashbugs are the ones that will really wreak havoc, if you're not careful. Since there's gonna be so many different plants in my garden this year that they are attracted to - I'm gonna have my work cut out! Thanks for giving us a tour of your garden.


  2. Hi EG,
    Thanks... I'm really trying hard to keep everything happy and healthy.

    Aphids and whiteflies are my biggest problem even before the veggies. I hope I'm ready for anything that might creep in.. I have insecticidal soap, neem and BT in my arsenal.


  3. Liisa, you should be very proud of the work you've's gorgeous! Good job, girl!!


  4. Thanks Granny! It helps when you have great teachers like you, Jenn and EG. I learn so much from reading your blogs and posts on GW.


  5. Everything really does look good. I know you're excited about harvesting some veggies.

  6. Everything looks so healthy and BIG! It's great that you can get such an early start on things. Your nectarine blooms are gorgeous too.

  7. Thanks Cheryl!
    I may harvest some of the mini butterhead lettuce for dinner tonight :-)

    The greenhouse really makes the difference in being able to get an early start and since it's a cold frame hardening off is easy too.
    We are lucky to be able to grow just about year round here... which is something I'm going to try and do this year.