Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pumpkin Peppers or Not?

You may recall from a previous post that I'm growing what I thought was Pumpkin Pepper. Turns out I'm growing Solanum Integrifolium, an ornamental eggplant! It's also known as ...

Pumpkin on a Stick
Pumpkin Tree
Pumpkin Bush
Ornamental Eggplant
Hmong Eggplant - Hmong tribes are found in Laos and Vietnam
Solanum Integrifolium
Mock Tomato
Japanese Golden Eyes
Chinese Scarlet Eggplant

For more info on this eggplant check out these two sites

Gardener's Network
Pumpkin Nook

Here are a couple of photos...


  1. Are you sure? There is a "pumpkin pepper" that looks just like that...

  2. Well...hmm... I don't know Granny....Does the Pumpkin pepper leaves have thorns on them? The photo above looks just like mine thorns an all. Also when I was given the mini pumpkins they were dried on the "stick" just as the site describes. I guess we will find out as they grow. I never planned on eating them. Just thought they would be fun to have around the house in the Fall :-)


  3. From what I could find, the pepper does not have thorns, but the eggplant does.


  4. Well there you go... I'm growing the eggplant.
    Thank you for your help! If all goes well you can still have seeds if you want :-)

  5. Well, pepper, egg plant. It's still not a pumpkin that looks like a pumpkin. It's cute.

  6. Yes it is and I hope my plant will produce those cute little things. :-)


  7. Well, I don't know what it is, but it looks like a tiny, freaky pumpkin! That's cool!


  8. I am looking for these seeds as well. My Better Homes and Gardens magazine pictured a Pumpkin Pepper and called it "Solanum Integrifolium" but this is actually the ornamental eggplant.
    The pepper is capsicum ....