Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is this!

I came home from work and found this all over two of my cherry tomatoes. It wasn't there yesterday! My first thought was "Oh no, what kind of a disease do they have?" Turns out it's only wind burn. Thanks goodness!

Random photos from Monday

Potato Bed 2

Potato Bed 1 before "hilling up"

Potato bed 1 after "hilling up" More like covering up :-)

Onions in bed 4

Garlic in bed 4

Planted three cucumbers in bed 2 so far... five more in the greenhouse.

After planting I covered them with a row cover.

Photo below cucumber plant

Is that a baby cucumber I see?

Carrots finally sprouted!


  1. I'm jealous. I want cucumber planting weather!


  2. Cool! Yep, you've got yourself a baby cucumber. I noticed you have marigolds planted next to them....smart!


  3. Granny,

    I think I'm pushing my luck with the cucumbers... we will see. I have 5 more in the green house that won't be ready to go out for a few more weeks. Which is closer to my planting date.

    The carrots on the other hand I think I planted too late for my area. I had a few carrot seeds overwinter in a container and they started to come up in mid January and had no problem with the frost. I might be better off planting them in the late summer?


  4. EG,

    I think my cucumbers are happy and will produce well for me. I have more marigolds started in the greenhouse and will add more as I continue to fill in the beds. I hope they help with the pests and bring in the good guys.